N1 High Tech Cosmetics Smoothing Therapy treatments

The line N1HT appears as an innovative formula capable of promoting an amazing result, thinking of the importance of keeping hair healthy, nourished and well treated.

N1 High Tech Cosmetics continues to develop breakthroughs in keratin treatment technology with the expansion of our professional and salon retail collections, the launch of advanced styling tools, and new programs and services that build brand partnerships and enhance salon business.


Advantages of N1HT

Organic keratin

Created on a natural basis. The product contains organic keratin.

Without formaldehyde

The product line is 100% free of formaldehyde.

Comfortable application

Complete absence of odor and smoke when used.

Complete harmlessness

Permitted for use by pregnant and lactating women.

Visual efficiency

Makes hair thick and shiny after the first application.

World recognition

The product is certified in the EU countries and in the rest of the world.

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Main Active Agents in the N1HT


Murumuru butter

Hydrates, nourishes and softens the hair aligning the hair fiber and reducing volume with a strong anti frizz action.

Soy protein

It acts as a moisturizer. Provides strenght and shine to the hair and promotes hair growth.
Ideal for curly hair because it helps maintain hair humidity making combing the hair easier.

Caviar extract

Deeply moisturizing, it acts as a long lasting restoration because it seals the cuticle and
diminishes porosity.

Coconut oil

Is a powerful moisturizer that acts in the córtex rebuilding and strengthening it. Perfect for dry hair, this oil returns shine and smoothness to the hair.


Panthenol or pro vitamin B5. It is a vitamin present in hair. It contributes for the
tickening of the hair strand. Prevents double ends, protects and holds humidity.


It stimulates hair growth and cleans and opens the bulb by reactivating blood circulation thus
favoring the delivery of nutrientes from the root to the strands. Preserves capilar fiber from
external aggressions and helps strands to grow stronger and healthier.

Milk protein

It fills the gaps in hair cuticles. Ideal for hair damaged by chemical treatments. Increases and
reconstructs hair mass by changing the hair’s molecules ionic charge leaving the hair more
resistant and giving it a new shape and shine.

Hyaluronic acid

A keratin amino acid that alignes the keratonic currents as well as recovers lost capilar fiber

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