When is it necessary to do hair alignment?

As you know, our hair consists of natural keratin. It is on the amount of this substance that the degree of curliness and fluffiness of the curls depends. However, the presence of keratin is affected not only by heredity, but also by the frequency of use of irons, hair dryers and plaques. From thermal manipulation, the already fluffy hair becomes even more disobedient as a result of raised scales.

Other factors, such as unbalanced nutrition, constant stress, staining, also have a negative influence. Scales of hairs as a result start to stick out in different directions. The curls themselves become more fragile, are more easily traumatized and look extremely unattractive.

Keratin hair straightening: the pros and cons, reviews?

Lately more and more popular with owners of unruly curls uses keratin hair straightening. The pros and cons of this procedure are one of the hot topics in the circles of the beautiful half of humanity. Promising kartirovanie, according to the hairdressers, has a healing effect.

Recently, the keratin hair straightening has become more popular with the owners of unruly curls. Pros and cons of this procedure are one of the topics actively discussed in the circles of the beautiful half of humanity. Promising keratizing, according to the claims of hairdressers, has a curative effect. The procedure promises smoothness and health to our hair.

Professionals say that the head of hear will look like girls with covers of glossy magazines. They also say that after the restoration, you can refuse to use irons and special stowage.

What is hair restoration with liquid keratin?

Let’s look in more detail, what is keratin care, and also all the nuances of this popular service. So, the essence of this salon procedure is to restore and straighten hair for a long time. This is due to the saturation of their liquid keratin and some other useful substances. Pros and cons of keratin hair straightening were the first to evaluate women living in Brazil. Therefore, many people know the procedure under the name “Brazilian straightening”.

The technology of straightening using a magic substance – liquid keratin – differs from other salon procedures for straightening in that it does not change the structure of the curls in any way. The main active component gently envelops each hair, penetrates into its damaged areas, “building” them. Due to the effect of high temperature ironing keratin as if sealing the weak spots. It plays the role of a protective shell, turning the hair into shiny, smooth and durable. Also, the product contains other useful components that are deeply nourished and restored.

Who is recommended for the procedure?

Keratin hair restoration, the pros and cons of which we now consider in more detail, is recommended in the following cases:

  • dull weak hair;
  • curly hair;
  • fluffy hair;
  • brittle, marked tips.

The result obtained as a result of the Brazilian straightening effect depends not only on the composition of the product used by the master, but also on the individual characteristics of the client’s hair. On average, the stunning curls are retained for three to six months, provided they are properly taken care of.


The cost of the procedure in the salon?

Those who are interested in keratin hair straightening, pluses and minuses, the price of the procedure, all the necessary information can be found here. The cost of recovery depends on the tool used and the length of the head of hear. Short hair can be straightened for 10 thousand rubles, medium – for 15 thousand rubles, long – for 20.

The duration of the Brazilian hair restoration session is about three to four hours. The procedure is performed in several stages:

  1. The hair wash. The treatment begins with cleansing the hair. This point is given special attention. Special shampoo helps to reveal the scales of each hair to effectively remove any contaminants. Well washed hair, allow the keratin to penetrate into all the cavities.
  2. Drying and combing.
  3. Application of liquid keratin along the entire length of the hair.
  4. Drying hair with a hair dryer.
  5. Thorough hair treatment with iron at a temperature of 230 ° C.
  6. Washing of the remnants of the product.
  7. Final drying with a hairdryer.

It should be noted that in some cases, the wizard uses 200 ° C during ironing. This allows you to not harm your hair. As a rule, we are talking about light curls.